Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Grain bucket elevators, sourced from top manufacturers like Sukup, GSI, Honeyville, and Lambton, stand as essential equipment in the agricultural industry. These elevators play a crucial role in vertically transporting bulk grains and granular materials to your storage facilities and grain handling systems. Engineered for efficient and swift material movement, they consist of a series of buckets attached to a conveyor belt, lifting and transporting materials to higher points in your storage system. Available in various capacities, configurations, and equipped with safety features, our range of options can be customized to suit your operation. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you from purchase to installation, ensuring you get the right solution for your agricultural needs.

Lambton - Bucket Elevators

Lambton Bucket Elevators are meticulously crafted with CAD design and CNC production, ensuring consistent precision. Ideal for efficient grain handling in diverse farm applications, these elevators offer easy customization and seamless integration into existing production lines. Their reliability makes them a smart choice for optimizing material movement throughout your grain system.

Honeyville - Bucket Elevators

Honeyville offers a range of seven Bucket Elevator models, from 1,350 to 32,000 BPH capacities, boasting heavy-duty components for durability. Each piece is galvanized and jig welded, ensuring easy assembly and a long-lasting finish.

GSI - Bucket Elevators

GSI Bucket Elevators are designed to move grain gently and efficiently, offering capacities ranging from 1,500 to 60,000 BPH. They feature pulley sizes from 16″ to 48″ and are built to perform consistently, whether you’re loading out daily or handling the harvest rush. With options for galvanized or powder coat finishes, these elevators provide durability and reliability for your grain handling needs.

Sukup - Bucket Elevators

Sukup Bucket Elevators are built for expansion, providing reliable performance with features like UHMW seals on shafts, durable rubber belting, and heavy-gauge trunking. With capacities up to 60,000 BPH, these elevators work seamlessly in all climates, thanks to their rubber belting. The patented alignment pins ensure a precise connection during assembly, and optional boot pulleys cater to different commodities. Their low-profile head design ensures gentle grain discharge, while robot-welded trunking guarantees consistent construction for optimal functionality.