Distributors & Valves

Distributors & Valves

Grain system valves and distributors are crucial for optimizing your grain storage facility’s efficiency. These components ensure seamless grain flow within the storage system. Partnering with Lambton and Honeyville, A.N. Martin Systems offers high-quality distributors and valves known for reliability in the agricultural industry. Explore a comprehensive range, including diverter valves, specialty valves, slide gates, transitions, spouting, Flipper/Pan/Pendulum Valves, Adjustable Cushion Box, Inline Steam Vent, and Inline Flow Reducer. Discover exceptional features in the distributor, such as Flat Back or 360° Full Round shell options, 45° or 60° Grain Flow, 6″ to 20″ Diameter Inlet Size, 4 Hole to 18 Hole Configurations for Outlets, and various control options. Need something Custom? With our manufacturing shop, we offer any custom solution that you may need.  Trust these industry-leading solutions to enhance the efficiency of your grain handling processes.

Lambton Distributors

The Lambton Distributor features a galvanized weather-tight enclosure and a large top-to-bottom inspection door for easy maintenance access. Its heavy-duty construction and positive position locking ensure durability and stability. With options for cable or electric actuation, along with a UHMW guide for smooth turning, it offers flexibility and ease of operation. The distributor’s schedule 40 pipe inner spout with a brush provides precise product control, and its round flange inlets and outlets allow seamless connections while minimizing discharge height loss.

Honeyville Distributors

The Honeyville Distributor offers flexible grain handling with options like Flat Back or 360° Full Round shells, 45° or 60° Grain Flow angles, 6″ to 20″ diameter inlets, and 4 to 18 Hole outlet configurations. It features hot-dip galvanized body, hinged door for maintenance, stainless steel index plate, and spring-tensioned latch for precise spout positioning. The swing spout, with a large throat and urethane lining, reduces dust buildup and rotates efficiently.

Valves & Accessories

At A.N. Martin Systems, we have a comprehensive range of flow valves and accessories to optimize your system’s efficiency. Our stock includes valves ranging from 6” to 16”, sourced from different manufacturers. We also offer custom fabrication services to tailor valves to your specific requirements. Our inventory includes cushion boxes, elbows, clamps, inlets, and other essential components to support your operations seamlessly.