Sukup Grain Bins

Sukup Grain Bins

“Elevate Your Storage with Sukup Grain Bins”

Sukup Grain Bins, with a legacy spanning decade, stand as agricultural storage legends. Renowned for innovative technology, precision engineering, and durability, Sukup ensures the protection of your crops against the elements.

Offering diverse bin sizes for all needs, from small family farms to large-scale operations, Sukup provides tailored solutions ranging from a few tons to over two million bushels.

Key to Sukup’s design is advanced ventilation, regulating temperature and moisture to reduce spoilage risk. Paired with monitoring systems for real-time updates, Sukup grain bins guarantee optimal crop storage conditions.

Crafted with quality materials, Sukup grain bins deliver a lasting storage solution. Trust A.N. Martin and Sukup for a unique, start-to-finish storage solution tailored to your needs.

Farm Bins

Sukup Non-Stiffened bins were designed with the operator in mind and it shows in the many features standard on every Sukup Bin. From our patented anchor brackets to our extra-strong roofs; quality, strength and innovation have made Sukup Bins a top choice across the countryside and Sukup the world’s fastest growing bin company.

Commercial Bins

Sukup Commercial Bins are built to the same exacting standards and tight tolerances as our farm-duty bins, but they are super-sized and beefed-up to meet the demands of commercial-grade operations. With maximum capacities of up to 2.25 million bushels, there are Sukup Commercial Bins to fit the needs of any operation.

Hopper Bins

Sukup Medium-Duty Hoppers are the economical choice for smaller operations. These bins are ideal for a wet holding tank to feed your Sukup grain dryer and may be used to store cool dry grain for an extended period of time. Medium duty hoppers use the same quality sidewall and roof sheets as our farm bins. May be mounted on super structure for loading semis.

Stirrator Bins

The Sukup Fastir® Stirring Machine is simply the best stirring machine available. Patented mechanical reversing makes the Fastir trouble-free, and constant pitch augers move more grain than the graduated pitch augers of other stirring machines.

Paddle Sweep Bin Unload

The Sukup Paddle Sweepway is a zero-entry option to fully clean out your grain bin! This upgrade can be added to any existing Sukup Power Sweep system.

Power Sweep Bin unload

The unloading sweep is permanently installed in the bin for easy operation. There is no heavy sweep and motor to carry in and out. The Sweepway® saves time, labor and provides more safety by advancing into the grain and removing it without needing to enter the bin. All controls are located outside of the bin and components are factory assembled making for fast installation. The pivoting backboard allows movement for consistency to allow variations in floor height.