Sukup Dryers

Sukup Dryers

Sukup offers top-tier grain drying solutions, including Single Fan and Heater Dryers for full-heat drying, and Mixed-Flow and Tower Dryers for optimal grain quality and large-scale operations. These units are assembled on-site, available in various sizes, and feature high-quality components like stainless steel screens, top-notch blowers and burners, and user-friendly computerized controls with self-diagnostics. With a focus on efficient drying, Sukup’s dryers ensure grains reach the ideal moisture content, reducing the risk of spoilage and mold growth. These leading-edge dryers provide precise temperature and airflow control for uniform drying. Energy efficiency is paramount, offering improved drying technology for quicker turnaround times, allowing you to harvest and store more efficiently. Additionally, these dryers integrate with remote monitoring to run your grain dryer remotely from any location. For inquiries and assistance in choosing the right dryer for your operation, contact our knowledgeable team, ready to help with installation and service down the road.

Mixed Flow Dryer

The Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryer is the only one on the market that combines the excellent grain quality of a mixed-flow dryer with the vacuum-cooling efficiency of a tower dryer. The result is high test-weight grain while burning less fuel per bushel dried. Maintenance is also reduced with mixed flow dryers because there are no screens that need to be cleaned on cool, damp days to maintain capacity and efficiency.

Cross Flow Dryer

Sukup Single Fan Axial Dryers offer cost-effective full-heat grain drying. They can be operated in full-heat or batch mode, providing efficient drying with excellent grain quality. Utilizing Sukup’s Quad Metering Roll System, these dryers ensure uniform drying and higher test weights while improving fuel efficiency.

Tower Dryer

Sukup Tower Dryers offer rapid, efficient drying for sizable farm operations and commercial elevators. Fully assembled on-site, they come in various sizes and heights and boast top-quality components including stainless steel screens, a grain table, premium blowers and burners, and user-friendly computerized controls with self-diagnostics.

Stirrator Bin Dryer

The Sukup Fastir Stirring Machine is an innovative solution for maintaining grain quality during storage. It blends dried and wetter grain to achieve uniform moisture content, extending storage life. Its heavy-duty gear motor and exclusive rotating contact ensure reliability in high-moisture conditions. The patented mechanical reversing drive simplifies operation, reducing drying time and energy costs while maintaining grain quality.

Quadrotouch Pro

The Sukup QuadraTouch Pro control system on Sukup Dryers is user-friendly, with straightforward menus for startup and operation. It includes a pop-up keypad for easy input of drying temperatures or moisture set-points. Built on PLC technology, it’s durable in tough environments and offers excellent electrical noise protection, ensuring reliable performance without frequent disruptions.