GSI Grain Bins

GSI Grain Bins

“Explore GSI Grain Bins for Elevated Grain Storage”

GSI Grain Bins exemplify excellence in agricultural storage solutions, backed by a rich heritage of innovation. Engineered for both form and function, GSI stands as a premier provider in the field.

With ingenious designs offering unparalleled strength, these bins safeguard your valuable grain against today’s environmental challenges. GSI provides a diverse range of sizes and options, allowing you to tailor a storage system suitable for both small farms and large commercial operations.

A crucial aspect of any grain storage system is proper aeration and paired with their Grain Vue Platform, GSI ensures you will maintain optimal airflow to preserve your grain quality. Trust GSI for top-notch grain storage solutions that elevate your game.

Farm Bins

GSI 40 Series Farm Bins are designed to provide robust and reliable grain storage with capacities of up to 1.9 million bushels and diameters reaching 156 feet. These bins feature high-tensile steel sidewall sheets rated up to 70,000 psi (450 MPa) minimum, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. JS500 bolts paired with sealing washers offer enhanced protection, keeping your grain safe from the elements. GSI Farm Bins are built to meet the demanding storage needs of agriculture, providing both large capacity and superior protection for your grain.

EVO-50 Commercial Bins

GSI EVO 50 Commercial Grain Bins are engineered for optimal performance and durability. They feature an optimized bolt pattern and interlaced laminated sheets for enhanced strength. The hardware offers 4x corrosion protection and a water-tight seal, ensuring long-lasting protection for your grain. For bins with diameters of 90 feet and above, the sheets are twice as long, providing additional structural integrity. These design elements make GSI EVO 50 bins a reliable choice for large-scale commercial grain storage.

Hopper Bins

GSI Hopper Bins are an excellent solution for storing and protecting feed. These BFT tanks feature a sealed roof and hopper body design that shields grain and feed from moisture, ensuring quality preservation. They offer easy unloading, making them highly efficient for daily operations. Designed to handle dry, free-flowing grain, the GHT tank fits small capacity ranges while providing the increased strength of a grain bin roof. This combination of protection, convenience, and durability makes GSI Hopper Bins an ideal choice for feed storage needs.

Paddle Sweep Bin Unload

The GSI Paddle Sweep uses flexible rubber paddles to gently and safely unload grain bins, minimizing grain damage. It is available in two models: the Powered Farm Sweep and the Commercial Paddle Sweep. Both models are designed for heavy-duty use and high-capacity grain handling, ensuring efficient and reliable unloading for various farming and commercial applications

Power Sweep Bin Unload

The GSI Power Sweep Bin Unload system offers capacities ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 BPH and is suitable for bin diameters from 15′ to 72′. Available with 8″ or 10″ unload diameters, it features heavy-duty gearboxes, a single-piece backshield assembly, and a redesigned end-wheel. This system is durable, reliable, and easier to maintain with fewer moving parts. Permanently installed, it is ready to start with the flip of a switch, ensuring efficient and hassle-free grain unloading.