Transport Augers

Transport augers offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for loading trucks or grain wagons, as well as unloading semi-trucks into bins. These versatile augers can be driven by a PTO shaft or electric motor, providing flexibility in operation. With the option for a swing-away auger, they can easily unload a semi-truck by swinging under it. Winch adjustments allow for filling at various heights. Available in diameters ranging from 6” to 13”, lengths from 26′ to 71′, and capacities spanning 1,600 to 7,800 Bushels Per Hour, transport augers are equipped with Wear Edge Technology™ for extended flighting lifespan, reducing replacement frequency and saving time and money. The durable powder coat paint ensures a strong, long-lasting finish that protects against rust, while the undercarriage, made of heavy steel tubing, is designed for balance and stability specific to each auger length.

Hutchinson Straight Augers

The AGI WRX Truck Auger is designed to streamline farm operations during peak seasons. It offers a range of lengths, 8” or 10” tube diameters, and five drive options for optimal versatility. The manual raise and lower feature enhances operational control. With Wear Edge Technology, critical wear points are reinforced with an extra layer of steel, prolonging flighting life. A durable powder coat finish ensures a longer-lasting, like-new appearance, while heavy steel undercarriages are tailored to each auger length for improved balance and stability.

Hutchinson Swing-Away Augers

The AGI MKX² Swing-Away auger features an open discharge spout for more efficient flow, reducing horsepower needs by 20% and extending the lifespan with a new tapered bearing. Designed for tough farm conditions, it includes a steerable axle for improved maneuverability, especially beneficial with its redesigned boot featuring separate boot flight with removable shafts. Hanger bearing supports reduce noise, while dual side boot clean-out doors ease inspections and servicing. Available in diameters up to 16” and capacities up to 23,000 BPH.

Brandt Straight Augers

Brandt Transport Augers deliver the reliability and performance that you need to stay productive, every day. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, there is always a Brandt Transport Auger to match the needs of your operation helping you avoid costly downtime.

Brandt Swing-Away Augers

Whatever the crop and wherever you need to move it, Brandt has an auger that’s right for you. Brandt Swing Away Augers are fast, reliable, and longer lasting to get you through harvest worry free.