Structures & Towers

Structures & Towers

At A.N. Martin Systems, we specialize in providing a diverse range of solutions to support your agricultural operations, offering top-quality structures from manufacturers like Sukup, GSI, Honeyville, or custom structures. Additionally, our support towers emerge as an excellent choice for sustaining bucket elevators, catwalks, bulk weighers, cleaners, and distributors. When used to support a bucket elevator, these towers eliminate the need for tension cables, streamlining your facility and preserving valuable real estate. Designed to bear the required loads for smooth facility operations, our support towers and structures exemplify our commitment to providing efficient and clutter-free solutions for your agricultural equipment.

Honeyville Structures

Honeyville Support Towers are designed to address the need for sturdy support when spanning larger distances with conveyors or manwalks. These towers come in two sizes, 46″ x 46″ and 46″ x 24″, selected based on the weight they will bear and the required height. Constructed from galvanized steel, they offer longevity and require minimal maintenance. These towers are available in 5′ and 10′ increments, offering flexibility in installation. Honeyville also provides optional Platforms, Ladders, and Safety Cages to enhance the functionality and safety of these Support Towers.

Sukup Structures

Sukup Support Towers are an excellent choice for supporting bucket elevators, catwalks, bulk weighers, cleaners, and distributors. When used to support a bucket elevator, the tower eliminates the need for guy cables that clutter your facility and eat up valuable real estate. Support towers are designed to take the required loads needed to keep your facility running smoothly.

GSI Structures

GSI QuickBolt Towers are engineered with intuitive connections to streamline assembly, saving time and effort during installation. With fewer bolts and simplified pieces, these towers feature a time-saving platform design for efficient on-site assembly. Their industry-leading design is available for bucket elevators, support towers, and catwalk support towers, ensuring versatility across various grain handling applications. Additionally, GSI QuickBolt Towers boast industry-leading strength-to-weight ratios, delivering robust performance without unnecessary bulk.

Martin-Way Custom Structures

Martin-Way Custom Structures are manufactured to provide reliable support for hopper bins, offering efficient load-out solutions. These structures can be customized to accommodate hopper bins ranging from 12′ to 18′ in size, ensuring compatibility with various setups. They feature options for stairs or ladder accessibility, along with full platform decking and handrails to enhance safety and operational efficiency. For specific needs, custom structures can be designed upon request, offering tailored solutions to meet unique requirements.

Structures & Towers

Expore the world of robust grain structures from top manufacturers such as Sukup, Honeyville and GSI.  Their offerings include towering silos, Sturdy catwalks, and efficient sweepways engineered to elevate your grain storage and handling game.  Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, these structures provide unmatched reliability and security for all of your agricultural needs.  Check out these top tier solutions from Sukup, Honeyville, and GSI.


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