Seed Treaters

A.N. Martin is pleased to partner with AGI when it comes to seed treaters. A true game changer in the agricultural industry, AGI seed treaters are engineered to streamline the process of seed treatment, delivering a myriad of benefits to today’s farmers and agribusinesses. With precision and efficiency, AGI seed treaters ensure that each seed receives the optimal treatment, enhancing germination rates and overall crop performance. In reducing waste and minimizing chemical usage, these treaters will not only improve your bottom line, but also contribute to todays sustainable and eco friendly farming practices. Our cutting edge technology and user friendly interface make seed treating a breeze and saves both time and labor costs. For more information on our treaters please visit the links below.

AGI – Storm FX Seed Treater

AGI – Storm Pro Seed Treater

AGI – Stationary Seed Treating